What the …?

Today, after all of us went to the gym, I was sitting in a chair in the living room when a lightning bolt of pain suddenly hit the center of my breast! I grabbed it, had to lean forward a bit and yelled “OW!” It was bizarre. I had several more of these sharp pains over the course of a few minutes, each less painful than the last. My first thought was that I pulled something under my arm while working out. As the day went on, and I felt more of these pains, I realized they were shooting up the center of my breast and out my nipple. So, probably not a muscle!

Now, I’m thinking maybe I somehow developed mastitis. This is something they warn you about when breastfeeding, but maybe it’s something you can get at other times, too. I don’t know. I didn’t really think shooting pains were part of the symptoms, though.

I do not have time to be sick this week! There will be a big announcement from work this week with a HUGE press conference on Wednesday. I’m busy, busy, busy! If these pains get worse, of course, I’ll have to do something, but maybe it’ll go away soon. Some bizarre nerve thing, maybe?

Author: rosie

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