Troy kicks ass

I am so glad I have Troy. He totally kicked ass at the oncologist’s office today.

They moved to a new building on Friday. So, we were one of the first customers at the new place. We arrived to a crowded waiting room. I went to the window, told them who I was, then they said, “We don’t have you down until next Monday at 2:30.” I showed them the piece of paper with Dr. Besold’s writing, which said today at 1:30. I was shaking, trying not to cry. There was no way I could leave that office without speaking to someone about cancer.

They said, “I don’t know what we can do.” I walked away from the window and sat down next to Troy in shock. It took a few minutes for me to respond when he asked what was going on. All I could say was, “they have me down for next week. I can’t wait that long.” He thought about this for a while, then went up to the window.

He leaned inside the window and I couldn’t hear a word he said. The next thing I know, a nurse personally brought me paperwork to fill out (instead of calling me to the window like everyone else), another started poking her head out the door every time another person was called to tell me that my turn was coming really soon. I even got a wink.

Troy said all he told them was that I was just diagnosed with breast cancer at 34 on Friday and we were still in full freak-out mode, that my doctor had made a huge deal about personally getting this appointment and getting me on the track to treatment ASAP, and we needed their help in doing whatever they could to get us in.

We had a nice LONG appointment with the oncologist. He gave us an overview of treatment options. He filled up a whole whiteboard with drawings. He seems really cool and is probably younger than me.

He flinched when he saw the bruise on my breast. Wasn’t expecting it, I think. I would guess he normally sees boobs after surgery is done and everything is pretty well healed.

Basically, the odds are pretty good I’m going to have radiation and chemo. The size of my tumor will lead them to make the chemo recommendation. It is 1.3 centimeters and anything over 1 is a candidate for chemo. He gave me some hope, though. He said often the tumors are smaller in real life than they appear on the mammogram. So, if it gets closer to 1, perhaps I can convince him that I don’t need chemo. We have a friend who chose to do some natural healing methods — vitamins and diet from what I understand — after having an intestinal tumor removed. I will be calling her soon to learn more because I need this info. I will eat or take anything if I don’t have to have chemo.

I’m feeling much better about all of this. It’s definitely treatable and my tumor is on the small side, particularly considering it was not found by a mammogram.

Surgeon’s appointment is tomorrow. I can’t wait. I’m ready to get this thing out of me. Let’s get the show on the road!

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