Good news from the surgeon

The surgeon’s appointment went really well. He spent a lot of time with us. I’m really impressed with the amount of time both doctor’s have spent with me. It’s made us feel a lot better.

He explained the whole process to us. I’ll be having a lumpectomy with a sentinel node biopsy. It doesn’t sound bad, all things considered. They will inject a radioactive dye into the tumor area before surgery. The lymph nodes, which drain the area, will pick up the dye. The nodes with the most dye are considered the ones that are primary drainage for the tumor (sentinel nodes), and therefore more likely to contain cancer cells if there is spread. Then, they will do the surgery to remove the tumor and a portion of tissue around it, as well as the sentinel nodes.

I will probably be off work a few days, maybe all week. But I should get back to work as soon as I feel up to it.

I am ready to do this. The surgeon led me to believe we could do this before the end of the week, but the receptionist said there weren’t openings until next Wednesday! Yikes, I told her I would take anything earlier, as I didn’t want to wait 8 days. She had an opening on Monday. This is great. I really can’t wait.

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