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I’ve been doing tons of online research about breast cancer and the surgery I’ll be getting, as well as buying books like crazy. I’m feeling really very positive about this. I’m even thinking it’s pretty likely I’m going to get out of doing chemo. If I get out of chemo and hormone therapy, I could be trying to get pregnant within the year! This is the best news I’ve had in days.

I’ve had phone calls from several friends. I was particularly glad to talk to Becky and Molly. Becky had breast cancer in the early 1980s, when she was about 31. Molly had breast cancer in 1999, when she was about 29. It’s so good to hear their stories. The information online is heavily geared toward post-menopausal women. Less that 5 percent of all breast cancers occur in women under 40. FIVE PERCENT! I’m so lucky. The lifetime risk of breast cancer for all women in 1 in 7. And that risk is heavily weighted to the post-menopause years.

I found a book at the bookstore today about b.c. survival stories. I felt like, “Oh, good, this will be an inspiration to me!” I started looking through it, realized not one of the women were dealing with issues like not being able to have children or breastfeed, or being tossed into early menopause by chemo. I actually threw it back on the shelf.

So, hearing from Becky and Molly was helpful. Made me realize I’m not alone out there.

I was at the bookstore to find books about talking to kids about cancer. They didn’t have one. So, I need to find some at Amazon, I think.

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