Lymph nodes clear – woo hoo!

Troy called the doctor’s office today to find out about my lymph nodes. The surgeon said that if no one called us by noon Wednesday, for us to call them. So, he did. And, we found out that my lymph nodes are clear! This is awesome news. This means I’m looking at probably “just” doing radiation. I have an appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday to follow-up. I have an appointment with the oncologist April 13 to figure out a treatment plan. Things are looking up.

I feel better today. I need a pain pill as we get closer to bed time, but at least I didn’t need one all day.

I took off my big bandage today. Both surgery sites are still covered, but now I can actually see my breast. There is a definite difference in size, very obvious. I would guess I lost a whole cup size and my nipple doesn’t point straight ahead anymore. But I’m glad to have it.

Author: rosie

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