Finally, some good news!

I called the insurance company to see if a breast MRI would be covered on our insurance, particularly since it was suggested by a second opinion doctor. It is, as long as the facility is in network. In the course of explaining things to me, she talked about our deductible and personal maximum out-of-pocket. She explained, what I had never understood, that all we are responsible for is $2,500! So, no matter how many surgeries or how much chemo I have this year, we only have to pay $2,500, plus all those $10 co-pays. I was so happy I started crying on the phone with the insurance lady. I just kept saying, “this is such a relief.” I thought we had to pay 20 percent of everything. That’s only true until we pay out $2,500, then they pay 100 percent.

All of my bake sales and fish fry fund-raisers have been cancelled.

My MRI is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Author: rosie

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