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If the oncologist confirms tomorrow what I think he is going to (that I will be having chemotherapy), then I’m going to get this haircut. I want a look in-between my out-of-control hair and bald. I think it will help me, Troy and Colleen with the adjustment.

My friend Deb has a haircut almost identical to this. I think I will ask her who her hairstylist is and have her take me to chop the locks.

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  1. Love your haircut! It’s looks very refreshed. I went shorter too–it was time. Is “scalp hypothermia” or Rogaine worth a try?
    –Judy E.

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  2. Hey, sorry about your diagnosis. My mom went through the same thing. Lumpectomy then back for a masectomy then chemotherapy. The good news is that was almost 20 years ago and there is no recurrence. Good luck and best wishes. Bald heads aren;t bad–I have a mostly bald one and have had for years.
    John P.

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  3. Rosie- I’m from the womendesigners list. My good friend Rebecca (who also went through this at your age and she’s now 6 years out) said that this is your time for hats! Her husband sweetly created a wall rack for all the hats people gave to her and she wore all of them at one time or another. So, you might want to ask for hats…

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  4. Rosie: I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT! It’s just a shame that breast cancer was the reason for the cut. No, I take that back, it’s a DAMNED SHAME! I have read your site and am thinking about you so much. My friends at OCA shared your news with me, and you are in my daily prayers. I’ll keep reading the blog to get your updates. I really appreciate your honesty and willingness to share your story…good and bad. With love, Angela White

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