I’m tired of not being able to reach a doctor’s office when I need them! Wednesday, it was my oncologist. When I would call, I would go directly to “musak” and noone would ever answer. This morning, we couldn’t reach my mother-in-law by cell phone, so we called the switchboard. Only it takes the skills of a research librarian to find the phone number for the IU Med Center, which just seems wrong. Then, they transferred me to a busy signal. I’m also trying to reach my surgeon and it has been ringing busy all morning. I have to think something is wrong with their phones.

I have to get answers from my surgeon before I can move ahead, and moving ahead might mean that I need a different surgeon who can work with a plastic surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction. I have too many questions.

We were at the hospital with Russ, my father-in-law, until midnight. He was stable and in the progressive care unit when we left. Overnight, he was moved to ICU, put on a respirator due to fluid build-up from the treatment he’s getting for sepsis, his kidneys are failing and the docs started medications to agressively control his blood pressure. However, my mother-in-law said he is “doing better.” He is talking to them and requested that we bring him an electric razor so he can shave. So, we are getting mixed signals.

And I may have to drive to Danville and kick some surgeon ass if someone doesn’t answer the phone!

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  1. Hi Rosie,
    This is Doug Baker. This is my first Blog. I am a virgin fot the first time ever, almost. Thanks. –Doug (You know my e-mail already and not putting it here will keep any wierdos from…never mind. –Doug
    This is gettnig more complicated than I thought. The first time always was a problem, for ANYTHING

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