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I will be having chemotherapy, starting probably eight weeks from now-ish. (It will begin five or six weeks after the mastectomy, which is not scheduled yet.) So, I got a new ‘do. My idea is that will have this until around the time I start chemo, when I will get an even shorter haircut. I don’t want to deal with mounds of hair on my pillow or in my shower drain. That sounds horrifying to me for some reason — probably because it’s just gross. So, you get to deal with losing your hair and all of that grossness — it’s too much for me to think about. I’d rather lose it in stages, at least two stages of which will be on my terms.

Also, I think doing this in stages will be easier for my daughter and my husband. It will give us all an “adjustment” period, rather than going cold turkey without hair.

My friend Deb was kind enough to give me the name of her hairstylist. I used to have a cut like Deb’s and really like her hair. When I walked out of the salon, I looked just like her. When we saw Colleen, Troy said, “who does Mommy look like?” And my soon-to-be-5-year-old said, “Deb.” It was unanimous.

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  1. You look awesome! Love the red lips too!

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  2. Rosie! I don’t know why you didn’t do this ‘do years ago. You look fabulous. Not that you don’t always look gorgeous, it’s just that now you look fabulous, too! Love it.

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  3. Rosie – you have always had beautiful hair, but I love your new hair cut! Can one be glamorous while getting treatments for cancer? I would say so!!!!!

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  4. Rosie – I’m jealous….your hair looks good no matter what length you choose!! You look younger, too!! If you need a stylist who makes house calls, I have a friend who does just that and has a unique sense of humor. Fun combination.

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  5. Rosie
    I love the new look! I just recently got my cut short as well and love it! It is so much easier to take care of as I am sure you will agree! You look great!!

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  6. You are lucky because you have lots of hair, it looks thick and it seems to do what you want it to do. Congrats on the new haircut. You look elegante (that’s Spanish or Italian-ish for elegant).

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