No patience for being a patient

I know I’ve only just begun this journey, but I really hit a wall today with the whole “patient” routine. I’m tired and cranky and feeling pretty sorry for myself. At least I got to wear my clothes all day.

Spent from about 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at St. Vincent’s for testing. Got poked and prodded all day, in between sitting on my butt in a waiting room. Had my first CAT scan, which looked at pretty much my whole body. Had my first chest x-ray, as well as a bone scan. The bone scan was sort of interesting — I got to see my skeleton on a computer screen. I’m so tiny underneath this flab!

All of these tests were ordered by Dr. George Sledge, who is about to become my new oncologist. I will see him tomorrow afternoon. One of the phlebotomists today told me I could not get better doctors than him and Dr. Schmidt. Went on and on about how great it was I was seeing them, no one gets better than Sledge — he made that open arm motion with his hands to indicate how big Sledge is. That was reassuring.

So, in between seeing the biggest big-wig oncologist in town and going to a fertility clinic tomorrow, I’m really starting to feel like a movie star.

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