Troy sez: What to give a woman with breast cancer

Here is my list of what to give a woman with breast cancer:

1) Hats… lots of hats. Hats, hats, hats. Big hats, little hats, cute hats, simple hats, flamboyant hats, conservative hats. Bandanas, chapeaus, berets, trucker caps, Panamas, Stetsons, bonnets, bowlers, fedoras, sombreros… you name it.

2) Cute, simple earrings.

3) A trip to Ireland (I’m just dreaming… worth a shot)

4) Gift certificate to go out to eat.

5) Organic vegetables… ANY organic vegetables.

6) Your favorite vegetarian recipe (no soy allowed… see our predicament? Have you ever met a vegetarian that didn’t eat soy?)

7) Your favorite joke (dirty is OK, but whisper)

8) A veggie juicer. Apparently, all dignified cancer patients are required to “juice” veggies. (I’m not sure what that’s all about yet.)

9) Loan her a copy of your favorite FUNNY movie… no dramas, please. We have all the drama we need right now, thank you.

10) $20,000 for fertility work (in large bills… no Tens or Twenties, please.)

11) A copy of your favorite photograph of her, with you. Preferrably a picture that reminds you of how much she means to you.

12) A sincere e-mail or letter letting her know how cool she is and how much you want her to get all better.

13) A plant or seeds that she can plant in our garden, and then come over and plant it with her.

14) Offer to go to the gym with her (staying active during chemo is super important).

15) Hugs. No time limit and repeats are welcome.

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  1. HATS, HATS, HATS: Do you knit? Crochet? Sew? Would you like to use this skill to help Rosie or someone who has undergone hair loss due to chemotherapy, brain surgery, burn wounds, etc.? Go to and check out the fun designs!!

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