Regarding: Cash Donations

A note on cash donations: Rosie and I have received several queries regarding our need for financial assistance during all of this. Despite the fact that we have both been involved with fundraising efforts for our favorite charities, the truth is that we aren’t comfortable asking for money for ourselves. And we’re far from bankrupt… we had some savings, our health insurance is pretty good so far and has covered all the surgeries and treatments (after our deductible.) They do NOT cover any of the fertility planning that we’re pursuing, so things are a little tighter than we had expected, but who ever knows what to expect at times like this? Bottom line is that we are O.K., so far. We might reach a point where we’re willing to accept cash donations, but right now we’d much prefer a visit, or a card, or an organic veggie tray, or help clearing some of the trees from our yard.

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