Saturday April 22, 2006

Rosie had another sonogram of her ovaries early this morning (doctor visit on the weekend? Yecch.) The sonogram showed that the shots are doing their thing and she had 20+ eggs growing and maturing. They measured the largest 10-15 eggs and told us to come back on Monday. Everything looks to be on schedule to retrieve the eggs next week. The expensive hormone shots should continue every day until further notice.

We had our “Chainsaw Party”, which was too short notice and only one person showed up. Luckily, Mark A. is pretty handy with a chainsaw and we got a lot of the big trees cut up into manageable chunks. We still have a lot to go, so anyone can still feel free to come over and cut up anything you want. It was really nice just to see Mark after six months or so of just being too busy to make social plans. After Mark left, I decided I should mow the yard since it looked like it would rain overnight.

Rosie’s parents, sister Rebecca and nephew J.C. were in the area and stopped by around dinnertime (as I finished mowing). Rosie’s Dad is having open heart surgery on Monday, so Rosie was really happy to get to spend some time with him. We went to the Mayberry cafe in Danville for dinner, which is a favorite spot for her parents. They love the memorabilia and the home-cooking. So does Colleen, who entertained most of the dining room with one of her favorite sing-a-long songs while Rebecca filmed her. I think Colleen likes the Mayberry Cafe because it always seems to be full of grandparents who can give her attention. She really is a big ham.

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