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I went wig shopping today! Took the whole family and my friend Natasha. I had called around a list of places that sell wigs to try to figure out the best place to go. All of them on the list provided by the cancer center were small boutiques that did personalized service. The ones I got on the phone said they only had a small selection, did most of their ordering from catalogs and sat with you to figure out what you would like. And I called several places that didn’t answer the phone.

This did not sound fun. Natasha, however, had told me of a beauty supply store where they had a huge selection of wigs that you got to try on! This was more my style, so we headed there.

Colleen really dug the place, until she realized she wasn’t allowed to touch anything. Then, things got a little ugly until Natasha took her shopping for a Mother’s Day present.

The store had a policy where you have to wear a nylon cap (like the toe end of a pantyhose) and you can only try on three wigs per nylon cap. I guess that’s for your protection. However, since I’m about to be bald, I wasn’t actually all that concerned about catching lice!

The first few wigs were discouraging to me. The one that Natasha and Troy agreed looked the most like my hair, although in need of styling, was one I felt made me look like Garth on Wayne’s World (the blond guy). I realized that nearly all wigs have bangs to cover the unnatural hairline in the front. I haven’t worn bangs since 1989, so getting used to that look was going to be a battle on its own.

I tried on a few wigs without bangs (would that be a bangless wig?) and they really screamed “WIG!”

Finally, Natasha hit on a good idea — pair a wig without bangs with a headband to hide the line. The store even sold some styles with the headband built into it. The great part was when I tried on a few, it looked just like me! I was able to quickly pick out two wigs — one long and one short.

Now I have them if I want them, although it’s hard to imagine wearing them. They are hot! As in tropical, not sexy.

We ate lunch at an Indian restaurant, which was an odd choice for a woman still trying to force food down her throat. I didn’t pick it, but it was a buffet, so I thought I could get some soothing yogurt creations. I figured out yesterday that if I forced food down, the problem got a little better. It seems to be working. After seeing the PA, I realized that this was a MUSCLE problem. And what do you do to muscles that spasm? Massage them. How do you massage the inside of your throat? Swallow.

Sure. There are jokes to be made there. Keep them to yourself. My mother reads this blog.

So, the force feeding idea, although exceptionally painful at first, seems to be working. I got occasionally bites of Indian food that were spicy and made my little pain receptors go off, but I was pretty much ok.

I was really tired when we got home and tried to nap. It was fitful. Troy was mowing the lawn and I was watching Colleen. For the first half hour, she kept poking me awake every few minutes to ask me to help her on the computer. I couldn’t get up. Then she disappeared and I somehow knew in my sleep that she went outside. I kept dreaming that she was run over my the lawnmower. I would almost wake up every few minutes, but couldn’t get all the way awake, and then would guiltily fall back to sleep and dreaming of imminent danger to my child. Later, I found out that she had gone outside and she played with chalk on the porch the entire time. Troy was mowing in a far-off spot and was never closer than about 50 yards to her! So, she was completely good and safe the whole time. I could have slept peacefully.

This evening, we went to a party. This is my “good” weekend (no chemo), so we decided to make the most of it. We ate dinner at a Carribean place. Sounds crazy. I haven’t eaten all week, then I eat Indian and Carribean in the same day! The Carribean wasn’t actually spicy. I ordered a veggie plate, no jerk seasoning. It was plantains (starchy), something like hush puppies, vegetables and yummy beans and rice.

The party was fun and was in one of those cute Meridian-Kessler neighborhoods. Troy’s friend from work, Sarah, invited us, so I met a few people from his office. They read my blog, so one person said he felt like he was meeting someone famous. That makes me giggle every time I think of it. I’m sure other people reading this blog think I’m famous. Probably at least two of them. Or not.

(I’d like to give a shout out to my #1 fan, R.J. Just keepin’ it real!)

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  1. After loosing your hair the wigs might be good to keep your head warm. I hear once you are bald staying warm is hard because you loose so much heat out the top of your head. So maybe being warm later will be welcoming?

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