Garden party!

Today was a GOOD day! My mom and dad came up, so I got to see my daddy in street clothes and on his feet! He had double bypass open heart surgery two weeks ago and I haven’t seen him for more than a week — before chemo. We were all anxious to see each other.

Mom needed some help with an anniversary party she is planning for their Model A car club. So, I did the program, the newsletter and helped a little bit with some picture displays. Dad slept on the couch a lot. While they were here, friends showed up for the garden party they were having for me. Martha brought her two girls and Colleen had to show every them Grandpa’s chest scar. She was extremely interested in it because her heart surgery scar is on her back.

(Speaking of Colleen, I got a bug up my … toe … and decided to update her web site Friday night. It still needs work on content, but you should check it out.)

The garden party was fun. Martha and Mary helped me plant everything I had available for the new beds in our new wall. (I swear I’ll post pictures soon.) And they mulched the whole thing, which was a lot of stinky mulch. David C. came over and finished cutting up the last of the two big trees. Now, all we have left to do with all of the trees down is haul things away. (There is also half a pine tree that is down, but it not big and shouldn’t take long for Troy or someone else to attack with a chainsaw.) Marcia also sent over herbs, which we got in the ground, too. I’m going to have the best garden ever!

After all of this, I was really,very, extremely pooped, but Tanya called with the offer of dinner, so we headed over there for a quick meal. I am exhausted and will sleep well tonight! I think I made the most of my “good” weekend!

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  1. I meant May 11th. I don’t know where the original post is. I’m getting better and better at screwing things up.

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