Kindergarten sign up

I had to take Colleen to a dentist’s appointment today. When I picked her up, I ran into her friend Emily’s mom, who told me today was kindergarten sign up day! Ack!

We rushed to her school after the dentist, to find it was a “kindergarten round up” of the whole district being held at another school. So, we fought the afterschool crowd to get over to the second school. (Thankfully, all of the schools in Avon are within a one mile radius.)

They sat the parents like me (crowds of people) who hadn’t filled out paperwork ahead of time in the middle of a very noisy gymnasium and had us work on a stack of forms. I didn’t have anything I needed, like a birth certificate or my husband (for his required signature). I finally got so annoyed, I stormed over to the principal’s table and told them I wasn’t going to complete the paperwork here because it didn’t make any sense that I had to do it there when I didn’t have the required documents anyway! They said ok, give me the number of her entrance test. I didn’t really understand that the “count to 20” thing where the woman checked off three boxes on a sheet of construction paper was a test, so I was a bit confused. (For goodness sake, the kid does addition and understands the concept of multiplication.) In my very irritated, testy state of mind, I got to be reintroduced to her new principal. I made a stellar impression, too. Oh, yeah, and my hair gel failed on the way to this catastrophic even, so my hair was standing on end like a Brillo pad. I think I scared the principals. Half of them were younger than me. I’m sure they were all praying the half-crazed woman wasn’t in their district.

I was in an absolutely horrid state of mind by the time I left. I tried gardening when I got home, but it was spitting rain and the place I was trying to dig up was as hard as cement. So, I’ve been crabbing around the house all night. I’m going to bed early.

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  1. Hang in there! You just happened to be the crazy mom at roundup. The school staff will be leary of you, and do everything you ask…That is until they realize you are not a true crazy person. Then you will have to BEG for the attention your child needs in school. Or you could be like me. The school knows I am the crazy lady, I get my way when I ask, staff doesn’t mess with me, BUT…I have to BEG JC to be good so they leave me alone. It’s not working, so don’t try to go that route. Just make sure the first few weeks of school Colleen takes the principal lots of yummy treats! That always does the trick. I treat JC’s school with donuts about every other month, just to be on the safe side! You never know!

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  2. Rosie;
    Natasha gave me your web site yesterday & I’ve been reading it .Your a very strong girl & with the love of your family thing will work out big deal about your hair, the new style is bald with a tattoo on your skull or a cool wig.
    Things do get better. this time next year you’ll look back & say “I made it & life is beautiful”
    Ran nto Lisa at Krogers last week still looks the same & living in her dad’s house. Keep your chin up the world is beautiful & you have great friends,

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