10th Anniversary

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary!

I think this puts me into an official “old timer’s” club of some sort or another. It’s quite a milestone, I’ve been told. Although I think if you can make it past three years these days, you ought to get a prize. The last seven have just flown by! Ha ha.

I don’t have anything powerful to say about marriage, except I’m glad to be married to Troy! At the age of 24 with an impending wedding, I knew he was the right person for me, but I won’t say I entered marriage without a hint of reservation. Now, I can say I know I can spend the rest of my life with him! And the thought of spending the rest of my life with him — raising teenagers, growing old, traveling in an RV — actually makes me happy. That’s a good sign! I chose really well, even better than I understood at the time. Our life isn’t all chocolates falling from the sky and bluebirds singing on our shoulders, but we do ok! We love each other, we are best friends and we really work to make each other happy.

As a late teenager and young adult, I started having a great respect for my parents as I got to know the parents of my friends. I realized I had it pretty darn good. In the same way, as I get to know friends and their marriages, I’m ever so grateful for mine! That’s not to say I have a truckload of friends on the brink of divorce — actually, most of my friends are happily married or at least in a functioning marriage! It’s just that I realize my husband and my marriage really fit me. Can you ask for more than that?

I once heard an interview with Bill Cosby’s wife and they asked her the secret to a good marriage. I think they had passed the 50-year mark and had survived Mr. Cosby’s infidelities. She said, “There are going to be days you want to quit. Just make sure you don’t both want to quit on the same day.” That’s the best piece of advice I ever heard and I’ve used it quite a few times. I’ve thought, “I’ll just go to bed and see if I feel like quitting tomorrow.” Troy has the same attitude. Maybe we stuck because we are a couple of lousy procrastinators! Finally, my most negative quality has paid off!

Chemo tomorrow
Tomorrow is my second chemo treatment. I’m nervous, though not sure why. Chemo itself wasn’t a big deal and I didn’t feel bad at all that day. I think I’m nervous about sleeping through another weekend. I’m definitely worrying about my hair falling out, even though I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for it. I lost quite a few hairs today, more than normal I would say. So, I’m wondering if this is an early sign. I’ve been told to expect it between 2-3 weeks and tomorrow is two weeks.

I’ve been crabby-tacular since Tuesday, again, not sure why. Maybe it’s this gray weather after two weeks of gorgeous days? Maybe it’s hormones? Maybe it’s chemo? I don’t know, but I’ve been pretty unhappy, anxious and miserable to be around for the last 48 hours. I’m waiting for it to blow over. We’ll see if that happens!

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  1. April 11 was the 51st anniversary of being run over by a sightseeing bus!

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