My husband told me I should retract my 10th anniversary post. He was sort of joking. He likes that I write honestly. However, my “honesty” at the moment is tainted with just a touch of cancer depression. He said most women on their 10th anniversary in a happy marriage would be gushing about love and life, but he summarized my post as, “You made it sound like we’d be divorced if we hadn’t gotten a flat tire on the way to the lawyer’s office!”

All I was trying to say is that marriage is work, even if you have all the gooshy love stuff going for you.

He knows I love him A LOT — in that crazy-kids-in-love kind of way. Three months ago, I was planning an anniversary party intended to shout it to the world, too. I was thinking a big cake, flowers, renewal of vows, Colleen in a fancy dress — the whole bit. We had also scheduled a vacation this month — our first since the kid was born. May was going to be a ton of fun. So, I’m a little bummed. I love him. Still love being married to him. Love having his kid. Love the life we have (minus the cancer). It just wasn’t quite the 10th anniversary I had in mind, through no fault of ours. It’s ok, though. I’m sure we’ll make up for it. Maybe we’ll just be totally unconventional and have a crazy 11th anniversary party!

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