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Thanks to all of our marvelous, brilliant, charming friends, we have raised $617 for the Relay for Life. Troy, Colleen and I thank you! We’ll be walking this weekend. Donations had to be turned in today. I am so thrilled at how much we raised in a short amount of time. Thank you so much to everyone!

My personal goal was $500 and we surpassed that, so I couldn’t be happier.

Now, I just have to make it around that track a few times! It’s been more than two weeks since I was at the gym. And, as I was reminded with the temps this past weekend, walking on a treadmill in an air-conditioned gym is a little different from hoofing it around a track on a muggy Indiana day. Let’s hope for cool, early summer weather!

I seem to be managing last Friday’s chemo treatment a little better than the previous two (knock on wood). A couple of things were different this time. First, I mentioned to the chemo nurses that I had figured out the second chemo would cause me to be lightheaded and off-balance for at least a day (starting as soon as the drip started). They said, “Oh, we can help that!” and proceeded to change the IV drip to take one hour instead of 30-45 minutes. That had an immediate difference.

Second, I attempted to eat really well from chemo day on. It was work, let me tell you. Still is, actually. For a few days after chemo, I have a strong sort of gag reflex. You know how when you take a bite of something and it really wasn’t what you expected? But you don’t want to be a big baby and spit it out, so you try to swallow. You know it’s OK to swallow, but your throat just isn’t prepared to do it. Well, that’s what I have to do with every bite for about a week after chemo. Doesn’t matter how much I love what I’m eating. Doesn’t matter how hungry I might be feeling (although being hungry is rare). Anyway, I decided I would try to overcome this! I didn’t manage to do that, but I did make myself eat a few more times than normal and I think it has helped. It’s kept me stronger and more alert.

Finally, my nurse gave me a new anti-nausea drug to try. This wasn’t the first thing I mentioned because I think I only actually took (so far) two doses. So, I’m not giving it the credit just yet! I took less medication on the few days after chemo than I did previously, which didn’t have anything to do with the new drug. However, I do think I had less side effects with the new drug, which makes it a better option when I do need something.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday and I feel better than I did on the previous Wednesday after chemo. I hope this continues! Only one more dose of AC chemo left, then it’s on to Taxol. Taxol apparently has much less nausea.

We interrupt this blog for an update from Iraq
My nephew Aaron left last week for six months in Iraq. Actually, he’s stationed in Kuwait, but have you looked at a map of the Middle East? I hate thinking about him being over there. I hate thinking about all of our soldiers over there, but it’s a heck of a lot worse thinking about it when it’s my little nephew! He has a wife here and a baby girl, Felicity, and I’m sure he would really prefer to be home with them.

We found out the same week how our year was going to change — he got his orders and I got my diagnosis. When we talked to each other that week (he was stationed in North Dakota), I kept saying, “I’m sorry to hear this. Let me know if you need anything.” And he kept saying, “No, I’m sorry to hear about you. Let me know if YOU need anything.” It was back and forth like that for a while!

I feel for him. I think he signed up for the military for the education and training and had high hopes of staying out of any hot spots. Of course, he’s not stupid and he knew it would come sooner or later. But I know for my part I just kept hoping for later.

Anyway, all of this to say that I just opened my e-mail and saw a message from his wonderful wife, Barb, that Aaron has started his own blog of his experiences in Kuwait. How awesome! Check it out.

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  1. Rosie, where is your walking site located? We have 3 luminaries set at the Brownsburg site for family members affected by cancer. Maybe we’ll see you there.(whoo hoo!! we got “flamingoed” this last weekend!!) My daughters just love those pink flamingoes! ~Faye

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  2. Our walk is at North Central High School this Saturday!

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