NO WAY!!!!

I totally just won a trip to Rome.

I’m serious.

I can’t even believe it.

I work for the Sisters of Providence. (That web site is what I do for a living.) Their foundress, Mother Theodore, is going to be named a saint soon. There will be a big trip to Rome for the canonization ceremonies. All of the employees who had been around a few years (I can’t remember how many years, but a while) were entered in a drawing for a free trip. I really did not expect to win. Completely and entirely. I was joking around with people this morning that they needed to call me right from the staff luncheon when my name was drawn. About 50 people were in the drawing. I didn’t actually consider for a minute that I had a real chance.

I won.

They really did call me.

I need to faint now.

I think my luck is finally turning around. 😉

Author: rosie

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  1. Congrats! When are you going? By yourself, or does Troy get to go too?

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  2. Rosie, not sure if you remember me, but I’m Duane Drake’s wife, Jen. I am also an SMWC alum. My sister (another fellow alum and member of the alumnae board) and I are also both going to be going on that trip. I am Sooooo thrilled you won! Can’t think of anyone better to have won!

    BTW, I read your blog every few days and we certainly pray for your whole family every day!! HUGS

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  3. That is so totally cool!! How amazing! Must be all that good energy surrounding you. 🙂


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  4. Wow so cool!!! All 3 of the kids have gone on a trip to Italy(including Rome) with the Latin club at school and they all LOVED it! Laurie said, when I told her of your good fortune “cool,she will so love it. Makes me want to go again!” When will this be happening and for how long?
    P.S. hope you are doing great!

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  5. All right! Congratulations! Going to Rome for a cannonization ( is that the right term) will be an amazing experience, I bet. (You know, you’ll have to do a sermon about it when you get back! I;ll get over from Champaign for that.)

    I think of you often, and read your blog every few days to keep caught up on how things are going. You have such a talent for writing-and it sure helps keep things in my life in perspective for me.!

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