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I’m halfway through treatments! Yay.

I had my last AC treatment yesterday. Four treatments down and four to go.

I’m being told that the Taxol treatments should be easier on me. There is no (or not nearly as much risk of) nausea as with AC. The nausea is really what is kicking my butt, so I’m glad to hear this may be over after this two week recovery period. Dr. Sledge said a lot of women consider Taxol a breeze. A lot of people do have muscle, bone and joint pain from the Taxol, but they have given me some supplements to take ahead of time to try to head off this side effect. They also recommended Advil or Aleve as a first line of defense, then the stronger prescription painkillers if that doesn’t work.

There are also other side effects with Taxol, but the list is much shorter than it is for AC.

I don’t feel very good at all as of this writing. The third AC treatment was harder on me than the first two and I feel like this last one is worse. I’ve been fighting nausea hard this time, which means I take more drugs, which means I sleep more.

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