Dad is coming home tomorrow

My dad should be released from the hospital tomorrow. He was downgraded out of ICU last night to a regular floor. He’s been treated for water retention around his heart and behind his lungs. He did not have heart failure. They said his heart has sounded strong the whole time. So, it sounds like dad got to the hospital early enough to head off a more serious problem.

He is in good spirits, except he wanted to come home today.

Colleen has been shuffling between family in Terre Haute during this “chemo weekend.” Troy and I will be heading out later today to get her and go visit my dad. We might stop to see Russ & Jan, too. Russ is home again after his most recent hospital stint.

I’m doing ok. This weekend has been about the same as all of the rest. So-so. Feeling kind of gross today, but Mondays are always my worst day after chemo, so that’s to be expected.

Author: rosie

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