I’ve found that when moms are involved, good medical information regarding the condition of dads is hard to come by.

Based on my Google searches and what my sister remembers from the conversations with doctors, we think what my dad has is pericarditis. I gave this word to my mom and told her to check with the doctor. (Mom remembered that it started with a P, was a virus and was an inflammation.) From the sound of this explanation, he should get a full recovery from it!

He should be going home today and is in great spirits. We drove to Terre Haute last night to get Colleen and visit with him. He was in rare form. He showed me how if he held his breath, it would make his monitoring equipment in ICU flatline. (Although he was on a standard care floor, he was on equipment that transmitted to ICU for monitoring.) He told me it was an easy way to make the nurses come running!

That’s pretty much my dad.

Tummy talk
How am I feeling? That’s the question I answer on a daily basis. So, today’s report: so-so. I feel better than yesterday. My stomach is doing crazy things, but that’s my post-chemo “normal” state, so that’s nothing new. I’m trying to work today and actually accomplished something in the first three hours, so that’s hopeful.

Troy sent me this story from the NY Times web site about a new ring tone only kids can hear! (His comment was something like, “A preview of the life ahead being outsmarted by our kid.”) Seems there is a medical explanation for it! Too funny. I tried the ring tone and I can hear it. Guess I’m still a kid. I’m surprised. I thought all of those years in high school sitting next to the speaker at heavy metal concerts could not have been good for me. Can you hear it? Try this link. Warning: if you can hear it, it kind of hurts. Sounds like a dog whistle.

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  1. Elijah and I can hear the tone. Elijah says it sounds like a robot antenna. Hum?

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  2. Troy can’t hear it! He thinks it’s funny to keep clicking the link to see how I react. Har de har har har. I think it hurts!

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  3. Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee

    Besides, I can hear it a little, so I’m not so old, either.

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  4. Wells heard it right away. I was frustrated so I turned the speakers full blast — then I heard it. Ouch.

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  5. I can hear at the dogs got the funniest looks when I played it.

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