What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

Rosie made dinner tonight, which I take as a good sign that she is feeling better.

And dinner was fantastic. She stewed new red potatoes and green beans in a crock pot all afternoon and they were awesome (with bacon, onions and garlic… how could that go wrong?) She also grilled sweet corn-on-the-cob. Plus, we made an incredible salad from the lettuce plants that are taking over our garden. (Would anyone like any lettuce? Rosie planted 18 lettuce plants a month ago and they are all HUGE now.) We also chopped fresh veggies. We got to use our brand new Cuisinart food processor. We’ve both always wanted one but just never got around to making the purchase ($100 for a cooking utensil is hard to justify when things are tight.) Well, things are still a little tight, but they’re not as tight as they were when we first got married. And, we’ve begun to realize that putting things off is not always the answer to life’s problems. Sure, being frugal is a good “guideline” most of the time… but you have to live a little too! It’s easy to see that life is short when your wife has cancer, even though I still believe Rosie will probably live to be 120.

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  1. You’ll be livin’ those last 40 or 30 years without me. I plan to check out while I’m on top, like my mom! Have fun. Oh, btw, I’ll be over on Monday for some fresh salad. Yummo!!

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