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I’m having a contest to rename this blog. When we started the blog, “Rosie has breast cancer” was the best Troy and I could come up with! I really don’t like it. Every time I read it, I remember what a state of shock we were in. We were full in the throes of calling people and repeating that phrase on a daily basis. Yuck.

So, I’m taking suggestions. Funny or serious, I don’t care. I just want it to be different.

If I pick your suggestion, you will get a big hug from me! 😉

Just post your ideas as a comment here. Maybe we can get some group brainstorming going.

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  1. hiya…
    yeah, I had been thinking about that not being such a good affirmation to see over and over. If it remains breast cancer centered, then, “Rosie Beats Breast Cancer” or “Rosie Kicks Cancer’s Ass” might be along the lines of something you could do..except maybe better…here’s some others so that no one will be embarassed if theirs isn’t great:
    The World Through Rosie-colored glasses…The Greatest Blog Ever, By Rosie…Everything’s Coming Up Rosie…Rosie in Action…

    Yeah, uh, I’m a writer!

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  2. How about…

    “Rosie Rules, Cancer Drools”
    “Rosie Rocks”
    “Life of Rosie”
    “Ring around the Rosie”

    Actually, I really like “Everything’s Coming up Rosie” that was already suggested.

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  3. Good ideas, people. Keep them coming.

    B brought up something I forgot to mention — I do expect this blog to someday NOT be about breast cancer. Although I don’t have a problem with naming it something now and changing it when my life moves into a new topic of interest!

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  4. How about…

    “Someday We’ll Look Back and Laugh”


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  5. Rod’s suggestion is in the lead. Troy is always using that phrase, particularly in really horrible moments, which always makes me laugh … or at least to snort derisively.

    The another one I’m really digging are “The Greatest Blog Ever, by Rosie.” I’ve always wanted to be the greatest at something.

    I also like “Rosie Rocks.” When I was in 8th grade, I had a newspaper column featuring musical hits called “Rockin’ Rosie’s Top Ten.” The idea of naming my blog “Rosie Rocks” is funny to me!

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