Blog gets a new ‘tude

Rod gets the grand prize of a big hug from me for suggesting my new blog title!

I hope you like the new look. I spent way too much time on it. And speaking of the new look, if anyone reading this happens to know how to get my “peek-a-boo comments” to work, please let me know. If you don’t know what the means, don’t worry. Apparently, neither do I.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

Author: rosie

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  1. Get your peek-a-boo to do what? : )

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  2. I’m glad that you liked the title. 🙂

    My mother is a breast cancer survivor (over 20 years). I was almost too young to remember her illness, but I know she had similar worries about doctors, drugs, surgery, and hair. So reading your blog is like being able to go back in time and really understand what my mom went through.

    Needless to say, I wish you the best! Thanks for allowing total strangers to be touched by your story.


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  3. Rod! You are awesome! Your comment made me cry. I think it’s because I wish I had a time machine to see what my parents went through in the past. It would be SO helpful for my parenting today!

    Thank you so much for your title sugggestion. It was really what we needed! And, as I said, a common saying in our house.

    I’m glad you found the blog. I like yours, too. Keep up the good fight!

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  4. Rosie,
    looks beautiful…really has a feel.

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