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I keep thinking of all of these interesting posts I could write. I could talk about breast cancer activism. I could update you on Colleen’s attitude change. I could give you a wider view of the emotional impact of breast cancer. I could review some of the books I’m reading. I could go off-topic and post photos of my beautiful garden, write about why I hate chipmunks or talk about the weather.

Oh, but those things might be fun.

Instead, I get to tell you again that my father-in-law is in the hospital again. He is not well. The tumors are growing faster than anticipated. He’s in tremendous pain and not getting effective pain management at home. The stint is leaking again.

Troy & I have to go to the hospital right now to help out my mother-in-law who’s in desperate shape this morning. Understandably – she’s been up all night and is now at her second hospital of the last 24 hours. She doesn’ t have a car with her and she’s alone at the hospital. Her sweet and wonderful husband is dying and, worse, is in pain.

I’m making it my goal to try to talk the man into accepting Hospice care today. I really believe this is what needs to be done. He’ll get better pain management and be able to stay out of the hospitals.

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  1. Bitter much?

    I’ve always heard that your family is supposed to rally around you in times of trouble. Instead, our families have equally life-changing problems of their own going on. It’s like it’s a giant dirty trick on us.

    Luckily, we have AWESOME friends to make up for any deficiencies of our families. Hooray for friends!

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  2. Wow,
    So sorry that it seems to be pouring instead of just raining. Maybe down the road you’ll see a spring that makes all this seem worthwhile.

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