You have GOT to be kidding me!

Hi. It’s Troy again.

This sounds like a sick joke, but we’re rushing to the hospital for yet another relative. Rosie’s older brother was involved in some sort of freak accident this morning and has some degree of brain damage and possibly other issues. Something happened while walking the dog (maybe he got tangled in the leash?) and he fell, hard, and literally cracked his skull. Some passerbys were nice enough to stop and call 911. He was air-lifted to a hospital in Indy.

We got the news while visiting my step-dad in Terre Haute. By the way, Papaw is in much better spirits since being released from the hospital on Friday. He’s not really in any better shape physically, but he’s very happy to be home. He’s now under Hospice care and should be comfortable from now on, if nothing else. We got to talk to the Hospice representative and their care is clearly exactly what he needs. That’s as close as we get to “good” news lately, so we’ll take it.

So right now I’m taking Colleen to yet another last-minute sleepover at our friends house. She’s packing her own bag, and her special neighbor friend Georgina is over to help. From the other room, I have to say Georgina’s help sounds a lot like playing pretend with dolls, but I think I’ll let Colleen have a little fun before we rush off again.

So, while I’m waiting, I’ve decided to address the fact that we post way too much bad news on this blog. Sometimes I think that you might need to be under a psychologist’s care just to read our blog. I imagine it can be a little depressing. I also realize that a random person who stumbled onto this blog might think we were making it all up. It really, really is becoming hard to believe that we’ve had this much bad stuff happen this close together. My Mom likes to say that God doesn’t give you more tribulations than he thinks you can handle. Well, I’m not exactly on board with that concept, but I will say that we will get through all of this, not because we are cool or strong but because we have so many people who love and us and are willing to help us when we need it. And that is what it’s all about.

So, to lighten things up, I thougt I’d post a list of all the good news in our lives.

GOOD NEWS #1) We are all still alive… so far, at least. Knock on Wood.
GOOD NEWS #2) We are still reasonably sane. Rosie and I still joke about our lousy luck, and I take that as proof that we still have some sanity left.
GOOD NEWS #3) We have an incredible, amazing network of family and friends that we have not even yet begun to take up on all the offers for help. Hopefully, we never will have to… but its REALLY nice knowing you all are out there.
GOOD NEWS #4) The sun keeps rising and setting.
GOOD NEWS #5) No one we know has ever been trampled by buffalos.

OK, that’s all the good news I can think of. I hope that helps to cheer you all up!

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