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#1. My brother is in critical care at Methodist. His CT scan this morning showed the bleeding was slowing, which is good. He has a blood clot that either the body will deal with or will have to be removed soon. His vision is still blurred, although I think I understand that “blurred” is an improvement from what he had when he was Lifelined. When I saw him about 24 hours ago, he could talk, could answer the questions he had to answer (what year is it, that sort of thing), but I don’t think he is really in a position to remember a lot of what’s happening. He’s in lots of pain. They have him medicated to help with the pain and to keep him from moving around.

#2. Troy, Colleen and I saw Russ yesterday and I was surprised at how well he seemed. Hospice officially admitted him yesterday morning, which was a huge relief to all of us, including Jan. Today was not such a good day for him. Jan called just an hour or so ago and said he’s weak and sleeping lots. However, he is not in pain. From previous conversations with nurses, this is what we are expecting. They said if he does not eat and drink (he’s not), then he’ll start to enter a sort of euphoric phase where his body keeps him out of pain. It’s quite possible he’s getting there. She did called the Hospice nurse to come over for a while. Again, we are so grateful for this. If they weren’t there, he may very well have been back to the hospital.

#3. I’m not good at all. I made it out this morning for a while, but the pain I’m having from the Taxol is overwhelming. I try not to think of it, which helps, until a little shock wave hits then I suddenly “remember” all of it all over my body. Aleve didn’t help. Oxycodone didn’t help. I’m not sure what my other options are. It’s nerve, muscle and joint pain, which is expected, although I had been trying to convince my body not to have it! I had a bad reaction to the Taxol treatment on Friday – labor-like pains that emanated from my back and around to my front. But a second dose of Benadryl stopped that in seconds. That put me up to 100mg of Benadryl on Friday, but even with that, I got groggy but didn’t fall asleep. I was awake all night Friday! Baked four batches of brownies and reorganized the kitchen. Around 5 or 6 a.m., I started developing red blisters on my hands and feet – hot, painful. I think this is a chemo burn. I still can’t grip with my hands, although it is getting better. Then, the horribly alarming day yesterday with Dennis’ accident. I slept last night for 8 or 9 hours – if the sheer exhaustion didn’t get me there, the Ambien I took sure did. But then I woke up this morning with the pains that are now getting worse.

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  1. Hang in there Rosie and Troy. Know that even though it seems like everything is going to heck in a handbasket, it has got to start getting better at some point. Just keep making lists of all of the good things in your lives, and know that you are both in my thoughts.

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