See? We do have good friends.

Today …
* a bunch of online buddies from a design group I’ve been a member of for a number of years posted happy comments on my blog.
* Colleen’s teachers rallied around her with hugs and happy talk when she melted down at school this morning. One teacher wrote me a note later in the day to let me know Colleen was doing ok.
* two of Troy’s friends called to check in on him and gave him a chance to vent.
* a friend dropped by some really yummy homemade veggie soup. I was extra grateful for this, as I got home late from the hospital, didn’t have any dinner and really needed my veggies.
* my friend Christine solved a problem for me regarding Colleen that really didn’t need to be a problem.
* another friend offered me a ride to the hospital (although I ended up not needing it because my mom picked me up on her way in).
We really need this! We really appreciate this! You can’t imagine how much it helps.

I spent the afternoon at the hospital with my brother and associated relatives. We think he is improving, although we aren’t getting any exceptional optimism from the doctors. Jenifer, my sister-in-law, asked today for some idea of when Dennis would be going home. She was just trying to get a vague sense, understanding the answer wasn’t going to be “any day now” or anything specific. The doctor’s response, though, startled her. He said, “that isn’t the question you should be asking. The question right now is, ‘are we going to have to do surgery?'” She, and all of us, really, had kind of assumed we were past that point. The doctor said, though, that’s not true. He is still trying to decide if surgery is going to be necessary or not. And he said if surgery becomes necessary, it will be an emergency situation and will be carried out promptly.

However, I say we think he is improving because from an outside point of view, he is! He was talking and laughing with me today, which is amazing compared to the last time I saw him on Saturday, when he was teetering on unconscious. Also, his vision is slowly recovering, which I take as a very good sign. His memory seems pretty good. I only heard him trip on one thing today, when we were sort of teasing him about whether he remembered his anniversary. When I first got there today, he was not in good spirits, but then he finally got the pain medicine he needed and his attitude turned around. Understand, though, that he is lying in bed and not allowed to move. He’s hooked up to a fair number of things, including a catheter and, for a while today, oxygen. He ought to be getting a CT scan in the next few hours. This will be his third and I feel ought to be a deciding factor in whether we can start being hopeful or not!

I saw his second CT scan today and the mass of blood was evident with my completely non-medical eyes. Imagine a cross section of your head, looking down from above. It’s a slight oval shape. Now, draw a line across the bottom 20 percent of that oval. That’s how much blood was there.

At this point, I’m almost as worried about him as I am about his family, particularly his wife. Jenifer has not been home to sleep since the accident, so she’s been trying to catch some Z’s in the ICU waiting room. If you’ve ever tried to do that, it’s not a lot of fun. I’m really hoping she can take a break in the next day or two. Maybe if he gets moved to a standard floor she’ll feel able to leave the hospital. I can understand how she feels, though. I’d have a hard time leaving if Troy was in that bed. I also know firsthand how it is to have a kid hospitalized. I have said the lobby at St. Vincent’s has claw marks on the floor from the night my husband and other family members dragged me out of there.

I saw my nephew today and he seemed to be handling things well. He is missing college orientation to be here, but they were able to reschedule that for July. He’s a good kid and I think his presence is helping Dennis. My nieces are both at a basketball camp, but will be home tomorrow evening. They left Sunday and only the middle one got to see her dad before they left. I’m worried that the younger one might be alarmed when she comes home to find out her dad is still in the hospital. I kept telling Dennis today I really preferred to be there myself because it was so much better seeing in person how he was and how he is improving. So, I think my niece really needs to come for a visit as soon as possible. The ideas in her head are probably much worse than reality.

As for me, I’m feeling better. I’m still taking pain medicine, but am able to go longer without it. So, the nerve pain is subsiding. My hands and feet feel like they are covered in wax. Troy understood – he asked if it is the same feeling as when a minor burn is two or three days old. It is. It’s like I dipped my hands and feet quickly into boiling water and a few days have passed. That’s my biggest problem right now. Well, that and I am all looped up on pain meds – but thank goodness for those!

Neither Troy nor I have talked to my mother-in-law today. But I heard through my mom, who spoke with her earlier, that she was planning a brief outing in the afternoon with her sister. I was glad to hear this! A few hours away will help revitalize her.

Russ’ 85th birthday will be on Thursday.

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  1. Wow, Rosie – what a great spirit you have!! And you’re a pretty darn good writer, too. Given everything you’ve been going through, my impression from reading your blog is not “Gee, how depressing!” but rather, “OMG! Human beings are amazing creatures!” both from the spirit you show in your writing, and in how beautiful it is when people who love each other come through for one another…

    I join the rest of the WDG in wishing I lived closer so I could bring over some amazing vegetarian meal or in some other way lend a hand – we’re with you in spirit!

    Julia (WDG)

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  2. Hey Rosie – what amazing strength and resilliance you and your family have! I have to agree with Julia – you are a heck of a writer. Lots of hugs from here in Connecticut – you’re in my thoughts!

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  3. I would take your friend up on the foot massage.

    Luv ya,

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  4. Hi guys!
    I just found out abut yur blog today. I just finished reading all of the entries starting in March. I’ve been praying for you and you are on my mind frequenty.

    Love you guys,

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  5. Hey Rosie,

    Just wanted to say “I know what you mean” when it comes to living with AND working with your hubby!!

    Yes, we love them … but gosh darn sometimes we’d just love to throttle them too!!

    Now you BOTH need to give yourselves a big pat on the back for working together and being able to make it work. Just remember to be patience and kind to one another — it is so easy to be less kind to family members. And then try to laugh about it when you can!

    When I first met my hubby, he had a theory that when he liked about 50% of a new person he met, they were worth a date. He says when you like 80% they are a KEEPER, because everyone has 20% that will drive you nuts!!

    Don’t let the 20% keep you from appreciating the 80% that brought you together in the first place.

    Thoughts and hugs your way,

    Lori Ann (WDG)

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  6. Rosie,

    Wow, you have had an amazing run of bad luck lately….you shouldn’t have any more for a long time!! Hope you’re feeling better despite the Taxol…I didn’t start to get tingly fingers until a couple of treatments through. Take whatever you need to get through it…that’s what the painkillers are for. Hang in there! Hope you’re feeling ok by the end of July so we can still get together in Rensselaer!

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  7. Glad to hear that you are doing better, Rosie! Hope you will have more good days ahead!

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