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My father-in-law had his birthday yesterday. He had a lot of visitors. He told my mother-in-law that he kind of wished it wasn’t his birthday so he could be alone. It’s hard to hear that from a guy who normally loves to socialize and would never want to miss a visit from anyone!

My brother is progressing nicely, all of a sudden. They had him on his feet yesterday. They are still saying to expect a long recovery period – as in two or three months – but that he might get to go home this weekend. This is great news! He’ll be basically on bed rest, it sounds, as the blood is still on his brain. He’ll also have to come back to the hospital for really frequent CT scans for a while.

I’m frustrated at my own condition this week. The pains are not leaving me as I had expected they would. I can mostly control them if I don’t sit still or lie still for long. However, I can’t stand or walk for long periods of time or my legs will swell uncomfortably – of course, this also happens if I sit at my computer for long periods as well. So, if I want to sit or sleep, I must take the painkillers. This makes me unable to work because when I’m sitting at a computer, I’m either in pain or high! I have an appointment to see the doctor or nurse practitioner on Friday, just before chemo. I will need to find out if it’s an option to try a different chemo drug for me. Also, I need to know if this pain is going to become a chronic problem. If so, I’m going to have to decide which is worse: the risk of the cancer spreading/returning or having pain the rest of my life.

We are going to Chicago for the weekend to visit friends. Fortunately, we aren’t “tourists” of Chicago, so I don’t feel the need to walk the whole city this weekend. I know I’ll be back. Plus, I’ve already seen everything! So, if I end up lying on the couch all weekend hanging out with Christine, that’s fine by me. I hope it’s fine by her, too!!!

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  1. Oh that is wonderful news about your brother! Terrific!

    Have a good weekend!

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  2. Feel free to call the Sider’s while you are here! We would love to see you!

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  3. Just checking in on you, Rosie! I’m sorry to hear that you are in pain! I hope that the doctors are able to control it soon!

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