Happy Birthday U.S.A.

I suspect our annual Chicago Fourth of July trip will go down as being the most boring of our trips.

Well, boring could imply that our friends weren’t entertaining enough, which isn’t true. They were their normal, vivacious selves. It’s me who wasn’t my normal barrel of laughs.

But, all things considered, it went better than I had expected. I sat around with my feet propped up a fair amount of the time, but that was OK as it gave Christine and I a few quality hours together! I did get out to see a movie with a bunch of friends I haven’t seen in years. (Also, some came to visit Christine and me earlier in the day, so I didn’t have to go anywhere!)

Troy, Ben and the kids all went to Taste of Chicago, which is Troy’s Mecca. If you have never experienced Taste, you need to do it at least once. All of Chicago’s awesome restaurants turn out to share their dishes at stands in Grant Park. Sure, it’s overpriced, steamy and crowded, but the variety of foods you get to try is definitely worth spending at least one day there every few years.

Colleen was well-behaved the whole trip (in a new twist over our last few visits). And Troy and I were more relaxed because instead of driving, we rode the MegaBus. We really want to support mass transportation and when we heard about MegaBus, we decided we had to try it. Besides, it was cheaper than gas! For the three of us, it was $34 round trip! (Unfortunately, my chemo legs probably had us break even with the cab rides we took.) If we had arrived back in Indy at a later hour, it would have been only $17! MegaBus has the competitor(s?) beat in that it is non-stop between major cities. It was a good and easy ride.

Sunday morning we all headed over to Taste. Grant Park is just a block away from Ben & Christine’s place. So, we found the first table and plopped on it, while Troy foraged for food and Ben supervised the kids in an entertainment area. On the walk back, I couldn’t stand the heat and removed my hat – it was such a relief, I was past caring about the looks I might get. I can now officially say I’ve walked down Michigan Avenue with a bald head. I’m not sure if it counts, though. I was walking away from a scene that had most people’s attention – there was a fire at the Hilton – and Michigan was blocked off to most traffic. I did get a couple of neck breaking looks from a group of walkers and one bike rider.

In other news …
My mom tells me this morning that my brother’s having a hard time at home. He started vomiting yesterday. However, his wife was told that he would have up and down days in terms of symptoms, so it doesn’t sound like this is a huge cause for concern, other than it’s not fun and is uncomfortable.

As for my father-in-law, I don’t have a recent update for you. I’ll get back soon.

And my own neuropathy symptoms improved gradually over the weekend. I got some feeling back into my feet on Friday and that very slowly continues to grow. You know how a body part “falls asleep” when you are in a bad position for a long time? Then, as it comes out, you get that prickly feeling? Portions of my foot started having that prickly feeling on Friday and slowly, sloooooowwwwly, feeling is returning. I have pieces with no feeling, pieces with prickles and pieces with feeling. It’s very odd, but it’s getting better. My legs still swell when I sit or stand too long. I have a feeling I’m going to be fighting that for a while. My hands are better, other than some minor swelling from time to time. I just wish I understood the cause better because maybe I could do something about it. I’m interested in seeing the doctor on Friday … only I’m afraid I’m going to end up seeing the nurse practitioner … which could mean referrals to other doctors, more appointments, blah, blah blah.

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  1. I certainly didn’t have a boring time while you were here. Naps and laying around fit right into my schedule! Plus, a day at Taste and an evening of going to the movies seems like a full day to me. : ) I’m so glad you came to Chicago.

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