This is the hard part, right?

This is Troy. Rosie hasn’t posted since Saturday because chemo is kicking her butt. This round is better than last, but that’s not saying much. We are doing the best we can to keep her medicated and hold the symptoms at bay.

On Sunday, Rosie started feeling pretty bad. But we had her pumped full of Percocet and Advil, so the nerve pains were not as severe (they were crippling last time.) She hasn’t seen the hand/feet blistering, which was a huge part of her complaints last time. About midday, she started stumbling more than normal and had two different puking sessions. We tried as hard as we could to determine what foods were causing the problem, but the pattern eluded us. This treatment wasn’t supposed to cause nausea!

On Monday, Rosie was feeling really, really bad. We were able to control the nerve pain for the most part, but it was still a constant complaint. But more troubling were the waves of nausea… she hadn’t felt nauseous on this medicine last round… and now she is puking every couple of hours? So, thankfully, her Mom came over and took her to the doctor’s office around 2 pm on Monday. Surprise! Rosie has developed an inner-ear infection on top of all this. That’s why her balance got so bad so quickly, and finally explained the random puking. So now Rosie has two more medicines to take.

She’s pretty much been flat on her back since then. The SEVEN medications she is taking right now have to be staggered throughout the day… it’s too much to take all at once. Each medication has it’s own set of side effects, so she’s just been sleeping and watching TV. During the last rounds she was able to try to work a little, but this time it’s not even an option.

So, yes, Rosie is really wiped out this time.

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  1. Troy,

    you are a remarkable man. Rosie is sure lucky to have found you. please continue to be strong for her, Colleen and yourslef. Thanks for keeping everyone posted.

    (from Rosie’s design group)

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