Announcing: “Send the Maynards to Rome” Fund

Rosie and I feel like we have asked so much of people during all of this, and we still have so many people asking how they can help. The response has been phenomenal and really restores our faith that the world is full of good people. So far, different folks have taken Rosie to her chemo sessions, others have brought meals, others have watched Colleen, watched Petey (our dog), numerous offers to clean our house, and one friend even helped fix our plumbing!

We’re finally reaching a point where we’ve asked for things we never thought we’d be asking people to help us with. We’ve been stretched so thin that we are really trying to find ways for folks to help out. We kind of have to do it at this point.

Really, the only area where we haven’t asked for help is money. We are finding that the strain on our finances, between the lost income (Rosie’s not working much), the medical bills, extra restaurant meals, etc., are all adding up. We’re doing O.K., but things are definitely strained. We’ll probably be fine if we can just keep things moving along at the same level.

But, then, it was an incredible gift for Rosie to be chosen to go to Rome for free with her work group for the Canonization. Unfortunately, it has become clear that we won’t be able to afford to send me (her husband), and Rosie says she has doubts about going if I can’t go. The trip package costs roughly $3,000, plus all the added expenses we would incur: passports, meals/drinks, tips, souvenirs, photo processing, and so many things we can’t anticipate.

But rather than pass up on a once-in-lifetime trip to Rome and the Vatican and a private audience with the Pope, a friend suggested that we see if our friends and family would be interested in chipping in. So, even as tacky as it feels, we’ve decided to ask for that help – just a little help to make sure we can take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

First, I want to say thank you so much to everyone for all the help and compassion that we’ve already received! I had mentioned over a month ago that we aren’t comfortable asking for money. And we still aren’t comfortable asking for money. But if it means going to Rome or not, then we have to take a risk here.

If you would like to contribute to the “Send the Maynards to Rome” Fund, please send a check to “Rosie Maynard” at 1953 JeTo Lake Dr, Avon, IN 46123. If you’d like to forward that request to our friends who don’t check the blog, feel free. Also, if you wouldn’t mind, please also send a separate email to with the amount you are sending. This will help me make sure we are going to receive enough to allow us to go to Rome. If we don’t receive enough pledges/donations to actually be able to afford the Rome trip, then we’ll return your checks un-cashed.

We have to turn in our check and registration forms by Aug. 1. That’s just 13 days away. So, we know there is a pretty good chance this just isn’t going to happen.

Thank you again to everyone who has shown us so much love and compassion in these last months. In my studies, I’ve learned that most religions believe that all our acts of kindness are paid back in full and more, here on Earth and in an afterlife. I just can’t imagine that Rosie and I have done enough good deeds to deserve all that we’ve received. Maybe we’ve gone into deficit spending and will have to spend the rest of our lives working off our debt of kindness!

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  1. Can you add the send the Sider’s to Rome fund to yours?

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  2. Bif, this is Jen Drake..Duane Drake’s wife. My sister and I are planning to go to Rome also and were going to offer ourselves to helping Rosie along the way. I cannot help financially (since I have my own trip to pay for) but want to be there for you and Rosie physically. You can email me (((HUGS)))

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