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It’s Troy again. Rosie is pretty much incapacitated at the moment, and probably will be for the next few days, so I thought I’d pass along some updates for her.

Rome Fund update: Thanks to all of our amazingly generous blog readers, we have had a grand total of exactly $2,000.00 pledged/donated so far. This is just incredible, and puts us much closer to the $3000 ball-park. Thank you to everyone!

Papaw update: Russell’s memorial service was yesterday in Terre Haute at my parent’s church. It was very religious, but so was he. The minister tried very hard to keep everything positive, repeating over and over that Russ is in Heaven and shouldn’t be pitied… we should be happy for him, etc. etc. I’m sure that is EXACTLY the type of service that my mom wanted, so that’s good.

Rosie and I didn’t get to see all of the service because she had to leave about half way through. She wasn’t feeling great all morning and the drive to Terre Haute didn’t do her any favors. She was dizzy and nauseous the whole time. In fact, she puked in a parking lot as soon as we go to Terre Haute. Then we had to scamper out of town ASAP after the service.

She is so strong. Through all of her symptoms, she kept apologizing to me that she didn’t want to ruin Russ’ memorial for me. I just can’t believe that she was 100% worried about me… here she is, rolling and puking and about to fall down… and she’s still not thinking about herself. I don’t know what I’m going to do with her. I guess I’ll just have hang on for the rest of my life and see where she takes me.

Colleen, on the other hand, had a blast. On the drive over, Rosie was telling her mom (via cell phone) that she didn’t feel good and that my foot was hurting me pretty bad. Colleen piped up from the back seat to tell Grandma that she was “just fine and feeling healthy.” When we got to the pitch-in lunch, she hooked up with a few of her girl cousins and they ran around, going crazy and screaming those little-girl screams. Colleen also volunteered to stay in Terre Haute for a few days, in her words, “to let Mommy get some sleep.” I think she has finally caught on herself that when Mommy is sick, it’s nice to be there for her, but it’s not much fun. The last we heard, Colleen was doing laps around Aunt Bridget’s yard on a battery-operated dirt bike. That sounds like more fun than playing quietly in her room, huh?

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