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Due to heavy spammer activity, we have had to close the comments on this blog from open to moderated. That means that we have to review every single comment posted on this blog before we allow it to be displayed. We still want everyone to comment as much as you want (we LOVE comments and feedback), it just won’t post immediately because I’ll have to approve each one.

Can you believe that nameless, faceless people were leaving FAKE comments on this blog with tricky little links to spam sites? It’s disgusting. Maybe I take this blog too seriously, but what kind of person sneaks in and leaves sneaky little spam comments on a blog about a woman fighting breast cancer?

I guess I should pity any person who is so out of touch with reality, or with so little self-respect. Or I should smack them. Yah, the high road is nice, but smacking sounds much more satisfying.

Author: rosie

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