Then, there is my brother.

There just isn’t enough drama in my family, so my brother had to knock his head on cement.

If you don’t recall, Dennis was out walking his dog a few weeks ago, became tangled in the leash (when the German Shepherd decided to chase a car), was knocked backwards and hit his head on a cement sidewalk. Then, he was taken by Lifeline to Methodist with skull fracture and blood clot to his brain, spent a week in intensive care and was sent home with the threat that surgery might still have to happen.

So, Tuesday, the surgery happened.

I dragged myself to the hospital to see him before surgery. Spent two hours asleep on the waiting room couch. Wasn’t quite as bad as the funeral situation – everyone with me expected me to be woozy and gaggy.

But I did get to see him off and the surgery seems to have been successful. They had hoped to do a suction type of surgery where they would only have to drill two holes in his head, but that didn’t work. So, they cut open his skull and removed the clot that way. There is more risk of infection and more long-term risk to the area with this procedure, but the clot is gone and hopefully we won’t need to worry about that other stuff!

His recovery has been slow and I really hope this surgery jumps things forward for him. He was released from the hospital today. Although not feeling too great, he was ready to go.

Before the surgery, there was concern about his cognitive functions, which aren’t good. I believe he needs testing in a few weeks to see if that is expected to be a long-term problem or something that will get back to normal soon. My sister-in-law said if it continues, he won’t be able to return to work. (He works as an accountant.)

So, for a few days, I think there will be a little concern about infection, but hopefully things will start improving now. Let’s hope so. My family needs a frickin’ break!

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