Hi, it’s Troy again.

Dare I say that it seems like we’re making progress? Will this show of optimism bring further doom down upon our heads? We’ll see.

Rosie is doing better. She is recovering a little faster this time than she has at this point in the cycle before. She’s been sitting up and talking almost all day with her Mom the last two days, and then sleeping through the night. I think that is probably better for her, rather than sleeping fitfully all day and night.

And the sleep cycle isn’t the only thing that seems to be working better. We’ve put our pride away and are letting folks help us a lot more, which is just nice. I know we’re stubborn, but it’s just nice to have a few of the little things done for you. If I can give any advice to other chemo patients out there (or their spouses) it would be to put your pride away and let folks help. Nothing major… you don’t need your mom to move in or anything… but let people bring you meals and watch your kid and mow your yard and clean your house and fold your laundry. It helps you and it helps them feel like they made a difference.

Did I mention yet that Rosie is growing peach fuzz? Yes, her hair is coming back and fast. It’s amazing how much stubble she has grown in just a handful of days. Again, chemo patients have reported hair coming back and then falling out again, so we’re cautiously optimistic.

And the weather has cooled off, finally. And Rosie’s mom and my mom have been over a lot this week, so the household stuff is moving along better. And we’ve paid all the medical bills (so far). And we’re going to Rome (so far). And Colleen starts kindergarten one week from today. A lot of good, solid positive things are happening in our lives. It has seemed so dominated by negatives lately that its refreshing to walk back into the sunshine a little.

So I guess you can tell that I’ve finally regained a little of my optimism, which is nice. Sort of like being back in the game a little.

And don’t worry, Rosie should be back posting by tomorrow or Friday, so you won’t have to hear me babble on too much more.

— Troy

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