Drum roll please …

It’s almost 10 a.m. on a Friday and I am not sitting in a chemo center.


I’m not getting stabbed in my chest with a big needle right now. I’m not getting chemicals pumped into me. I’m not silently freaking out thinking about how sick I will be in a day or two.

Yay yay yay yay yay.

Some things you just can’t put into words.

Don’t forget you all are invited to my 15th Day After Chemo party tomorrow. Drop in anytime after 1 p.m. I’ve got some jambalaya ready for afternoon guests and we hope to grill out around the 6 p.m. hour if the weather holds up. (We have a prediction of “scattered storms,” but I’m going to use my tremendous mind powers to get those past by the end of today.)

Updates on the whole crowd
Of course, everyone who follows my blog keeps asking how all of the people in our lives are doing. I’m happy (and tentative) to report that we are all progressing in the right direction. My brother had a good MRI result this week. He has occupational testing scheduled a few weeks from now, which will determine if/when he can go back to work.

My mother-in-law, in our opinion, is doing really well for someone who has recently lost a spouse. She’s actually coming over today to help get us ready for the party.

Me, Troy, Colleen … we’re all hanging in there. With the overall stress reducing, we are having more “normal” days than not. I have to keep reminding myself, though, that this rotten year is going to be with us for a long time. I’m seeing a psychologist who specializes in treating people with cancer. She is awesome! Also, Colleen is being helped by proxy as the psychologist has given me some helpful ideas for her. Colleen also started kindergarten yesterday, so she has a whole new distraction from her crazy home life! She LOVED it, of course.

As for my health, I’m pretty disappointed that I didn’t wake up today “cured” from all of my chemo side effects!! Ok, I’m partly serious about that. I do wish they would leave. Some things I can cope with – my fingernails are trashed, I have no hair, I have almost no eyelashes, my appetite is doing crazy things. This is stuff I can handle. The things driving me mad are the hot flashes that keep me from getting a decent night’s sleep (and the lack of sleep is really turning me into a wild woman, not in a good way), the lack of feeling in my feet that is causing me serious balance troubles, the numbness in my fingertips that drives me nuts when I have to button up clothes, and the sort of soreness and occasional pain in my legs that is preventing me from doing much activity, including walking more than about half a block or climbing stairs normally. Those are the things I wish would magically go away overnight.

Some really good news – my MRI and mammogram I had on Tuesday came back clean. I expected this! I actually would have been incredibly surprised if they had not been clean. They were clean when I did them in April and the chemo is supposed to kill everything microscopic (which doesn’t show on those tests anyhow), so the only way those tests would have come back negative is if some cancer cells grew really fast during chemo. That’s just really unlikely! Possible for sure, but unlikely.

So … this means I get to have my surgery after my trip to Rome. Wahoo! Since my legs have not been magically cured overnight, I’m actually now pretty happy about postponing the surgery. This will give me more time to heal and get stronger before the trip AND before the surgery, which I think will ultimately speed my recovery from the surgery. It’s all going to work out for the best, I think. (Why couldn’t I tell myself that two weeks ago when I was freaking out about delaying surgery?)

Take care, y’all. Don’t forget to read the Barbie rant below. I’ll have an update for you on that situation next week. (By the way, I’ve decided if you do have one of those Barbie or choose to buy one, I won’t throw water in your face while you are sleeping. That would be rude and immature. However, I just might plant the “hairless Breast Cancer Barbie” idea in your daughter’s head.)

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  1. Rosie,

    Wish I could come to your party! I didn’t read your yesterday’s comments until today, and I hope it’s okay that I sent out the following e-mail to a bunch of friends:
    If you don’t have enough good causes in your life, here’s one. Rosie Maynard is a church friend from the Danville UU church who is battling breast cancer and who has a blog which keeps friends posted and lets her vent as needed. She’s a wonderful writer, and it‘s worth reading if “only” for insight into a very cool (really smart, funny, passionate, etc., etc.) woman. Yesterday, she wrote about Mattel teaming up with the Komen foundation to sell “breast cancer Barbie,” and Rosie’s thoughts and those of other women fighting breast cancer certainly made me look at it in ways I might not have thought of. I hope you’ll check it out.


    All the best,


    (Have a great day tomorrow!)

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  2. Pamela, that is really awesome! For starters, thank you for the kind words. Also, thank you for spreading the news about that stupid doll. Maybe it will inspire someone else to take action. I want her to melt.

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