Baby, that’s what I’m talking about!

Today, I reached the 15th day after chemo for the first time.

Oh, yeah!

It rocks.

I wonder if the nurses at the chemo center missed me yesterday?

I’m not feeling sick today. I’m not taking medications that make me feel funny. I don’t feel rotten. I’m not feeling the tingles of an oncoming flood of pain.

I don’t feel normal, unfortunately. Still didn’t get my magic overnight cure from the side effects of chemo that I was wanting. Darn!

My stamina is not good. The hot flashes are an incredible pain and keep me awake at night. That, of course, has the cyclical effect of making me tired, then angry, then anxious (which makes me not able to sleep). Also, I suspect not sleeping is contributing to my other problems (stamina, aches and pains). My legs are still giving me troubles – they are very achy all of the time and swell a lot if I sit or stand much. I can’t walk very far at all. I have a lot of trouble climbing stairs.

But … I expect in the week(s) ahead that I will get gradually better. I’m already feeling better in some ways. My sense of taste is coming back. The numbness in my hands and feet get a tiny bit better every day. I haven’t had any tingles of nerve pain since Wednesday – and that day it was short-lived and I didn’t take anything for it. The gassiness that I was afraid would plague me for life seems to be rapidly improving. (I no longer have a foggy cloud around me like Pig-Pen from the Peanuts Gang.) The only medicine I’m taking is not cancer-related and doesn’t give me bad side effects. I’m starting to take my vitamins again because my tummy is feeling better. I definitely have gotten my appetite back. My hair is growing! It feel like the fuzz on a baby chick and it’s stark white, but there are signs of dark stubble trying to peek through.

Did I mention that I’m done with chemo?

Woooooooooo hoooooooooooo!

And I’m having a party. People will be arriving soon. I have to go meet my adoring fans. See ya!

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  1. Hi Rosie, I’m Mousumi, a singer from India. I stumbled upon your blog while browsing…and I must say, cheerios!!! All your posts, no matter what the content is, definitely shows that u r a grt writer. So, do change that ‘its not on my cards’ thing in the sidebar 🙂
    Keep posting.
    Here’s wishing u a really speedy recovery!

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  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  3. Thank you, Mousumi! I was trying to make a joke about the “it’s not on my business cards.” My business cards actually say I’m a “web site manager.” Ha. I’m more like a “web site freak-out expert.” I should make up pretend cards with WRITER in big letters under my name. Maybe it should say “prolific writer.” I think “good writer” is a matter of judgement, but who can argue that I don’t produce in volumes?

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