Breast Cancer Barbie, part deux

You can not get women with breast cancer fired up. I already told you, we are a pissy bunch.

Maybe it’s the barfing. Maybe it’s the premature menopause. Maybe it’s the hot flashes. Maybe it’s being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease where the treatment options involve mutilation, extreme illness, loss of fertility, weight gain, accelerating the aging process and so much more!

Or maybe we are just naturally mean.

I guess it doesn’t matter why we are angry. All that matters is that we are going to take it out on someone.

Breast Cancer Barbie is going down.

Remember I shared with you all those fantastic ideas from real women with real breast cancer about what a real breast cancer doll would be like? One of those awesome and creative women crafted a Barbie that was much more on the path we’d like to see than the pink fiasco Mattel is marketing.

Linnea is her name and she totally rocks.

Linnea has posted photos of and a story about the real Breast Cancer Barbie on her web site. I hope you will check it out. Click on the little photos to see larger versions. Don’t miss the little profile she wrote of Barbie. She has taken the actual events from the lives of people we know and turned it into a story a real Breast Cancer Barbie might have.

I survived my own chemo party
I should have a t-shirt made. There were a few moments there when I thought I wouldn’t survive it. Moments when I thought, “what was I thinking having an 8-hour party?” But I put my feet up and made someone bring me a bottle of water, and I held up.

I did, however, have my pajamas on before the last tail light faded into the night.

I had a lot of fun. I loved being able to finally see some friends and socialize when I felt better than I had since April 28.

However, I was too pooped to remember to take photos half the time. I have just a few below. You just have to trust me that there were a lot more people here than those few pictured!

Miss Chloe (I hope I am spelling her name right) with her momma, Tara, who is a college friend of mine. I hadn’t seen Tara in at least 10 years, even though we’ve lived about five miles apart for three years. Tara has five children. Chloe is the youngest. Imagine Chloe at five different sizes, with two looking more like boys than the other three! Despite her gorgeous children, Tara is one of the few people I know who can compete with me on the “my life sucks” game. However, Tara is so sweet and wonderful she would never play that game. (Since I am generally sarcastic and bitter, I must clarify that I really do mean that Tara is sweet and wonderful.) Tara has faced her challenges with a grace I do not have, while keeping her children clean. And she still had time to make some butt-kicking cream cheese-filled strawberries for my party.

This is my friend Elaine. (I have no idea who the bald woman with the double chin is next to her.) We also are college friends. When Elaine found out I had breast cancer, she e-mailed me and said she would be glad to do anything for me. I actually think she e-mailed me a few times saying something like, “I know everyone says they are glad to help, but I really, truly mean it. Please let me do something.” So, I asked her to take me to a chemo treatment. She ended up taking me to half of my chemo treatments. I estimate she has spent about 40 hours sitting in chemo with me or driving to get me! She waited on me hand and foot. She made me laugh a lot and entertained me with stories of her life. I was extremely glad to see her at my party because it finally meant I could spend time with her on a day where I wasn’t getting gross things pumped into my body. Elaine is a journalism teacher and I am secretly horrified that she reads my blog and finds all the editing errors.

These are three of my favorite kids. The two boys belong to our friends Christine and Ben. I have to claim the kid in the middle. Colin and Colleen are being their usual goofy selves. I have no earthly idea why Elijah is throwing gang symbols and neither does his mother. (I believe his parents are now seeking out a military education for him.) The kids went “fishing” without a hook down at our lake. If it were up to Colleen, we would move to Chicago and have “sleepover fun” with Colin & Elijah every night. If it were up to Colin, he’d bring the beer. If it were up to Elijah, he would move to New York next week, become a stockbroker and never speak to the whole lot of us ever again.

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  1. I LOVE the REAL Breast Cancer Barbie! I just wish there was some way I could get a link to these pics on Mattel’s website. I’m already composing a couple of strongly worded letters to Mattel & The Komen Foundation (I expected more from the Komen folks) letting them know that the doll itself is is very poor taste, and only contributing 10% of a jacked-up retail price just adds insult to injury. Rock on with your bad selves!

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