Hair watch 2006

I have itty bits of hair creeping in. Light, fluffy white bits of hair. I look like a cancer patient more than ever.

Here is a photo of my noggin’ on Aug. 5, the day after chemo ended. The little teeny black dots are the start of stubble. I couldn’t even feel it on the day I took this:

Here is a photo of my noggin’ from yesterday. You can see lots more fuzz! Sure, I won’t be doing commercial for L’Oreal anytime soon, but it’s a start.

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  1. Yay! Hair! Mine came in white, too, but it eventually darkened up again!

    So excited that I’m moving down to Indy and we should actually get to meet! (just one of many reasons, of course…back to civilization, job with benefits, more prospective men to date, the Children’s Museum!)

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  2. I do like seeing the hair growth, even though it makes me look more sick than being completely bald! When I was Mr. Clean, it looked more like I had done it by choice! Which is worse: bald by choice or bald by cancer? Hmmmm.

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  3. Yeah! Hair!! Mine looked like that one week, and the next, most of my head was dark with hair. Now, about 7 weeks out of chemo, I had someone comment on how they loved my hair cut!!! Yikes! But I smiled and said “thank you.” Your hair will be back before you know it, Rosie!

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