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I ended my post abruptly yesterday before I got a chance to tell you about some of the good things that have happened this week!

On Tuesday, I got to see some of my co-workers. I have not seen them since May 25! They were in Indy for a conference and I met them for lunch. I was very glad to be able to drive myself to see them, glad to get out of the house and glad to see them.

On Wednesday, I went to the grocery store and carried the groceries up the stairs. This is a much bigger deal than you can imagine.

On Thursday, I made dinner and didn’t feel like I had to take a nap afterwards.

On Friday, Troy and I attended a writer’s group and both of us had a good time finally putting certain stories down on paper. We look forward to meeting with this group every month.

I also pretty much worked a full week. I was out for a doctor’s appointment for a while on Thursday and out for a while for my lunch get-together. Otherwise, I was here working. A pretty full week!

Colleen also had her first full week at school and still liked it. I think that’s an achievement! 🙂

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  1. Rosie,

    It was great to meet you last week…I hope your lack of updating is due to feeling good and doing lots of non-cancer things! I did find an apartment…near 79th and Harcourt, so will be moving most of my stuff down next weekend and starting downtown on the 18th. Thanks for the suggestions and I hope we’ll be able to hang out more soon!

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