It’s on the schedule.

Well, my mastectomy is on the schedule.

I had my visit with the second plastic surgeon today. They both were great, but I’m going with her just because the surgeon has a preference with scheduling.

The surgery will be a lot shorter than I had thought because of the type of reconstruction I’ll be having. The surgeon will do the mastectomy in about 45 minutes. Then, the plastic surgeon will do her work in about two hours.

After that, I’ll have drains in me for a few weeks and will have limited mobility for (I’m told) about two weeks. Then, I’ll be released for work after 4-6 weeks.

In three to four months, I’ll have to go back for an “exchange” surgery. I might be out for 1-2 weeks for that surgery. It should be much easier and doesn’t involve drains.

I can explain all of this later. I really am not up for talking about it.

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