Warning: contact with me may put you in grave danger.

Saw my dad tonight. He’s loopy on medicine. They weren’t able to get him “on his feet” today, which is what they had planned and hoped to do. I guess that’s pretty routine after knee replacement, but he couldn’t do it.

So, now they are talking about putting him in rehabilitation. I can’t believe they suggested it already, but they did!

My younger sister, Rebecca, was at the hospital with dad this evening when her husband called. He’s a bus driver for Headstart. Apparently, he was in an accident this afternoon. Although his bus was stationary at a stoplight, he was hit on the side by one car and head-on by another! Oof! Everyone on his bus (him, an assistant and five or six children) were checked over my paramedics. My brother-in-law is very sore, but checked out ok. My sister is a basket case! I told her that she and Troy need to compare notes – survivor notes. There aren’t very many people in our family who haven’t had something bad happen to them recently.

Speaking of bad things happening to good people, I talked to my brother yesterday. He’s back to work full-time this week – a full three months after his dog tripped him and he ended up with a skull fracture and blood clot to the brain. He’s having some problems with serious headaches, but he’s able to work through the day without taking something for them.

My nephew was sent into Iraq on a mission late last week. He’ll be there a few weeks. He’s currently stationed in Kuwait and, if I understand this correctly, he does training of convoys going into Baghdad. So, he said at some point they would send him in, so he would understand the whole process. No word from him since Wednesday … I’m not sure if we’ll hear from him while he is on mission or not.

Me, I’m hanging in there. I’m trying to wait patiently for a phone call back from my surgeon. Ok, I’m not patient. I called yesterday and left a voice mail. Called today and left a message with a person. I’m trying to find out if there is reason for me to have a bilateral (double) mastectomy. Don’t ask. I may end up needing an ulcer operation before I get around to this mastectomy.

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  1. I’ve never been one to heed warnings very well, so I decided to post. Besides, despite my bald head and weight gain, I can still run pretty fast if you come after me with a knife!

    Sorry to hear about all your trials this week. Sometimes life seems unfair, doesn’t it? I do know, though, that life goes in phases, and we DO eventually come out of the valley. I have a feeling you’re on your way up out of your valley. Chemo’s over, your hair is growing back, you’re getting stronger, you have a great husband & daughter, and you have an Italy trip to look forward to! And you’ve survived more than at one point you probably thought you could!

    I owe you lunch (or dinner), and I’m a good listener. Contact me when it’s a good time for you.

    -Sarah in Plainfield

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