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Photo by Rosie Blankenship

Photo by Rosie Blankenship

My dad was not much better when I saw him last night. However, the hospital staff seems to finally have caught on to the problem (after two days of us complaining) – he was being overmedicated. It wasn’t a dosage problem, just a sensitivity problem on his part. This is a man who suffered with terrible knee pain for years and didn’t take much more than extra strength Tylenol.

It was very scary last night watching him not being able to follow simple commands (like breathe into a machine or touch his nose) and answering questions like “who is the president” wrong (Harrold Bush) or not at all. This was hours after a dose of pain medicine and after a dose of a sort of antidote (once they realized what was happening).

This morning, though, they seem to have things under better control. He talked to me on the phone and was very alert (where last night he couldn’t hold a cup to his own lips).

However, this delay means he’s not on “schedule” the way he should be. By today, he should be using the bathroom on his own and be mobile enough to get into the front seat of a car. However, he still isn’t really out of bed. They’ve only had him on his feet once for a couple of minutes and that was with support of two physical therapists. They’ll be trying again today and I suspect it will be a different story this time since his mind is clear and coordination is better.

So, he’ll probably be transported by ambulance to a rehab center in Terre Haute tomorrow, where he’ll spend 7-10 days. At least, that’s what they were saying last night. This is subject to change!

My brother-in-law was doing fine yesterday! Just sore from the bus accident. He’s going to make it!

I’m still waiting for a phone call from the surgeon’s office. This could change my surgery date, so I’m anxious to get that settled. If I don’t talk to them before, I have an appointment with him Monday. I should get my questions answered then, if not before.

Otherwise, things are crazy-hectic around this house. Last week, Troy worked the late shift. Over the weekend, Colleen & I made a quick trip to Chicago to give Troy a break. This week, I’ve been at the hospital every night. So, Troy & I have barely seen each other these past two weeks. Looking ahead, two weeks from today, we’ll be sitting in an airport terminal waiting to board a plane to Rome!!! Woo hoo! I’m equally excited and panicked. I have so much to do personally and with work the list alone is making my head hurt.

I’ve barely mentioned work on this blog, partly to respect the privacy of those people. However, things are ROUGH right now! Since my surgery in March, several different people have stepped up to take charge of different parts of my job. Thankfully, they’ve been able to stay on top of the major things. I still have a list of work a mile long to do, but that has more to do with the current workload in the office than with my absence. Everyone is up to their eyeballs (or beyond) in work. I keep telling people that this would have been a year with a very heavy workload – we launched two new programs and had an organization meeting that happens only every five years. These all put new or extra demands on our office. Then, on top of this, we have a canonization to put on! Imagine organizing the biggest party you’ve ever attended in your life (all according to instructions from the Vatican, which operates at a snail’s pace) with about four month’s notice. Canonization celebrations don’t come with instruction booklets and there are very few other groups in the U.S. who have the experience doing it. So, we were flying blind and fast. I use the term “we” loosely. I was only around for a few meetings before cancer took over.

I’m not complaining because I haven’t been around for most of the work. If my life would allow it, I probably should be working extraordinary hours right now. But I can’t, so I’m not. And I’m trying to pretend it’s all going to be just fine! šŸ˜‰

Come hell or high water, I’m boarding a plane in two weeks for an adventure in Rome. I’m looking forward to the experience so much it’s hard to concentrate and I still have 14 days to go! Shortly after my return, I’ll be boarding a hospital bed for a completely different experience. I’m not looking forward to the surgery at all, but it must be done. In the meantime, I plan to think about Rome much more than my mastectomy!

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