My dad: two thumbs up!

My dad is doing much better today. The nurses were even surprised at how perky and funny he is. I think they thought “passed out cold” was his normal mode.

I’m so annoyed by this situation I could just spit.

I knew Tuesday night he was being affected by the painkillers and I tried to talk to the nurse about it, but she said they were really necessary. It didn’t sound right to me, since they weren’t able to get him to do his exercises or stand and I could tell it was a coordination problem – and the man doesn’t have a coordination problem most of the time! My mom and sister were onto the problem, but weren’t able to get anyone’s attention about it until later in the day on Wednesday. It took probably 12 hours after the staff did something about it before dad started “coming around.”

Anyway, so he’s off track a few days, but he’ll catch up. He’s doing great today, took about 8 steps during one session, also had to get out of bed to use the toilet another time. That means he’s off the catheter, too.

It doesn’t look like he’ll have to be transported by ambulance. The doctor said it was ok for my mom to drive him to Terre Haute in their car. Hospital employees at each location will help getting him in and out of the car. He’ll be in Regional on a rehab floor for an as-yet unspecified number of days!

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