I got lost on the way to my blog.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Queen who had cancer. She was a kindly Queen who ruled firmly, yet fairly – but that’s not the point of this story.

This Queen was quite overwhelmed by the idea of having cancer, never mind the reality of it. So, she started a blog to help her talk about her worries and tell people about her treatment progress. (They were a very technologically advanced Queendom.)

The physical stress of the treatment soon came to rule her life and she gladly blogged on and on about how difficult it was. She needed the sympathy and wasn’t too proud to beg for it.

Then, one wonderful day, her treatment went on hiatus! She began to enjoy a lovely little break (because she knew soon enough another physical trial would be upon her) and started to forget about her blog.

It wasn’t long, though, before the psychological evils wrought by cancer began to creep into her life, disrupting her vacation from treatment. She felt helpless as her loved ones and her very thoughts began to unravel – much like well-loved clothes become thin over time and eventually shred.

No longer had she forgotten the blog, but she began avoiding it. She couldn’t find the words to explain what cancer was doing in her life. It was much easier to describe the side effects of a powerful drug than it was to describe the way cancer damaged the spirits of the King, the Princess, the lords and ladies, and all those she loved the most in the world.

Cancer was a wicked witch lurking in the shadows of her life, ready to pounce when she was weakened.

But the Queen didn’t let the Cancer Witch gain control when she was physically weak, so she certainly wasn’t going to give in now. She rallied her knights and armed them with the finest tools found in all of the land. She sent her armies in all directions, creating a protective barrier around her family. She even boldly donned armor herself, brandished a sword and shield, and kept watch from the highest tower of her castle.

She knew the Witch was very powerful. She knew the war would be long and hard fought. But she also knew she had powers of fabulousness that the Cancer Witch could never understand! The cancer had no idea of her emotional fortitude, of the supportive knights in reserve and of the magical power of love that filled her life. These were weapons of strength. The cancer didn’t know that while it was on the run after the last hit of chemotherapy, the Queen had begun building her physical endurance. She knew she could outwit, outplay and outlast the stupid Witch. She had alliances. She knew her friendly knights would vote that bitch off the island if they had the chance.

So, fight she did.

Battles were waged in the streets and in faraway lands. When the tide seemed to turn against her, the Queen called for reinforcements from the psychologist knights, the massage knights, the art therapy knights and more! The Queen, who was already very well-read even by today’s standards, drew knowledge from wise books and consultants on how to win the fight against the Cancer Witch. Sometimes, she rested and allowed her trained armies to continue the fight on her behalf.

I can’t tell you how the story ends. I have heard tales that the battle between the good Queen and the evil Cancer Witch wages on in that distant Queendom. Some even say it’s a neverending war the Queen must wage for health and happiness. For my part, I figure it has to come to an end someday – and I can tell you which one I’m placing my bets on!

Author: rosie

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  1. …and Queens from Far Far Away were part of the battle too.
    Lots of strong people are on your side. When the front line gets tired, call up the second string.

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  2. OK, Rosie finally snapped. Who had October 5th in the pool?

    Just kidding. I love you, honey. Your wonderful creativity and your way with words almost cover up the fact that you are a kook. Almost.

    But I love you just the way you are.


    Troy “Kook Lover” Maynard

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  3. i’d like to hear the sequel to this story one day very very soon….

    “the adventures of the beautiful queen after her triumphant and glorious victory over the wicked evil witch”.

    best wishes,

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  4. I was getting worried. The blog had been “eerily quiet” again. Glad to hear that the tale continues. . . .

    I’m just waiting for the “happily ever after” that is long overdue (but I know it’s out there)!


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  5. And the good Queen in all her fabulousness banished the wicked witch to the outer edge of the universe just in time for her to take a fabulous vacation to Rome. The good Queen knew it would be folly for the wicked witch to try to continue the fight there.


    Jen Drake

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