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Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology had their homecoming this weekend. Troy went to Rose and has been to 15 homecomings in a row! This is mainly because he was in a fraternity and fraternities know how to throw homecoming parties.

For several years now, Troy has been working with the alumni board of his fraternity’s chapter. One of the saddest things to happen when I was diagnosed was that he had to step down as president of the board. This was a job he really loved and was very proud of many initiatives he had started while on the board. He copied me on the email he sent announcing his departure. I saved it for a while because I often save significant emails for “historical” reasons. In this day when we no longer write letters, I think emails of this nature might be important to families in the future. Anyway, every time I would come across that email, I would cry just reading the subject line because I knew what a significant and sad moment it had been for Troy to step down. I finally had to move the email to a location where I wouldn’t see it any more!

On Saturday, Troy was awarded the “Mark Kipp Distinguished Alumni Award” by the Delta Sigma Phi, Zeta Lambda Chapter. The fraternity created the award to honor both Mark Kipp, who was a founding father of the fraternity chapter and was instrumental in creating the alumni board many years ago, and my husband Troy!

Troy was extremely honored to receive the award. Apparently, the board managed to keep the secret for almost six months – even though probably 60 guys knew about it! They didn’t even tell me! Skunks.

Amazingly, Troy gave a really great impromptu speech. He spoke about the importance the fraternity had played in his life when he was a struggling undergraduate, the importance of the brotherhood to him over the years and why he has felt so compelled to serve on the alumni board as a way to give back.

It was a great night – and a great banquet.

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  1. Troy, CONGRATULATIONS! I can’t think of anyone who deserves that more than you. You guys on alumni board are awesome!

    Jen D

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  2. You have no idea how hard it was to keep it quiet.

    I almost told you, but nope.


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