Geeking in Rome

Hi. I’ts Troy. Rosie is blogging for her work website, so I thought I would post to let folks know what we’re up to.

So it’s our first full day in Rome. And of course, here we sit, Rosie and I, shoulder to shoulder, in a tiny Internet cafe. We’re a stone’s throw from the Trevi Fountain (awesome) and we spent the morning walking by the Colleseum, the Roman Forum, etc. We saw where Julius Cesear’s ashes are buried, which is nice. We saw some other stuff, too. The Arch of Augustine, two other arches and approximately 15 million churches. I don’t remember all the names. We had dinner at the American Embassy to the Vatican and hung out/dinnered with the Mayor of Terre Haute (he and his wife are in our tour group.) I also got ripped off by a street vendor (always count your change.) Pretty busy couple of days.

The food is awesome. I haven’t been able to sample enough yet, but we have 4 more days or so. My plan is to eat in every restaurant in Rome. We’ll see.

Don’t even ask about the flights to get here. Let’s all just agree to pretend that Rosie and I used a magic carpet to get here. Yecch. If I could choose between taking the return flight or having someone beat me with a stick, I would definitely consider the stick.

OH, and I accidentally hit on our tour guide. I swear on my Mother’s grave (she’s not dead yet) that I thought “Ciao Bella” meant “I’m good, how are you?” So the tour guide walks up this morning and says “buon giorno” (good morning) and I say back “Ciao Bella.” Well… apparently it actually means “hello beautiful” and has a slang connotation of “Hey baby, how you doin’?” (think Joey from Friends.) She was polite about it but we laughed when she told us what I had said. So, rest assured that I’m REALLY impressing all the locals over here. And to commemorate my impressive skills as an Ugly American, I bought a hat that says “Ciao Bella.”

More later.

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